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    Message from Margie

    Morphology should be taught within the context of vocabulary instruction as a strategy...
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    Effective instruction features...
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Teaching and Learning

This Month:

Morphological awareness is strongly correlated with success in reading, writing, and spelling. Read More


lightbulb_iconEmpowered Teaching Tips

Teach the 20 most common prefixes.  They make up 97% of all prefixed words! Read More


Did You Know?

Students understand and use basic morphological knowledge as early as kindergarten and first grade. Read More


Rich Resources 

Look here for lists, phrases, sentences, poems, and stories to teach morphology.

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Comprehensive Literacy Instruction

The Literacy How Reading Wheel depicts the essential components of comprehensive literacy. Empower your practice with Literacy How-To! Link what we know about learning to read (research) to what we do in the classroom. Explore the NEW
Literacy How
Reading Wheel