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    Summer Reading Clinic

    Our experienced instructors can help your struggling reader!
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    Dyslexia Resources

    Identify, assess, and instruct...
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Teaching and Learning

What We Know
About Fluency

Fluency directly contributes to retention, stamina & generalization (Wolf, 2001). Read More


What We Do To
Teach Fluency

Practice is the key to any training designed to improve fluency. Try these suggestions. Read More


assessments_iconAssessing Fluency

Analyze Oral Reading Fluency for accuracy, reading rate, and prosody. Read More


books_iconRecommended Reading

The complex nature of reading fluency: A multidimensional view.  Read More

Comprehensive Literacy Instruction

The Literacy How Reading Wheel depicts the essential components of comprehensive literacy. Empower your practice with Literacy How-To! Link what we know about learning to read (research) to what we do in the classroom. Explore the NEW
Literacy How
Reading Wheel