• Literacy How Professional Learning Series Book #2 is Here!

    These e-books translate the latest reading research into how-to instructional practices.
    Syntax: Knowledge to Practice joins Vocabulary and will be followed by Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Reading Comprehension.

Teaching and Learning

District Literacy Scan

This anonymous scan captures perceptions of personnel around key components of balanced literacy programs. Read More


New Fairfield U Grad Programs in Remedial Reading

Literacy How is proud to partner in this effort to close CT’s reading gap.  Read More

What is Structured Literacy?

Structured Literacy is an umbrella term chosen by the International Dyslexia Association …  Read More


Did You Know?

All proceeds from Literacy How, Inc. fund the Anne E. Fowler Foundation, which provides fellowships … Read More

Comprehensive Literacy Instruction

The Literacy How Reading Wheel depicts the essential components of comprehensive literacy. Empower your practice with Literacy How-To! Link what we know about learning to read (research) to what we do in the classroom. Explore the NEW
Literacy How
Reading Wheel